Turned round and back down the Shroppie to Autherley, stopping at Turner’s garage on the way to pick up some diesel at only 77p/litre.

We called in at Limekiln Chandlery for some odd & ends then went through the bridge and round the corner to stop for the night.

We saw several people walking their dogs in the Smestow Valley Country Park across the canal, so we went on a walk to investigate. Starting from Wightwick Mill Lock No 30 we walked through the park and found the path on a disused railway line that took us back to the bridge by Limekiln Chandlers.

Later in the evening we discovered that the holding tank was full! We have a Techma macerator loo, so you cant see into the tank to see how full it is. There is a red light that is supposed to come on when the tank is nearly full, but it hadnt come on.

The nearest pumpouts were at Kinver, nearly a day away, or about 1/2 a mile behind us at Limekiln.

So the next morning we went down through Wightwick Mill Lock, winded just before Wightwick lock, all the way back up to Aldersley junction (after trying to wind at a couple of wide places on the way) and back down to Limekiln. This took almost two hours. It would have been quicker to reverse the 1/2 mile back up!

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