Stourport, on the canal

Fairly short trip today, only about a mile.

We wandered up to the High st in the morning and bought some stuff for a barbecue. The bucher had an array of exotic sausages including ostrich, kangaroo, wildebeest, etc. We bought a selection including kangaroo.

We did a few jobs around the boat in the lovely sunshine. A group of teenagers arrived and began to take their clothes off! They then started jumping into the river (some of them fully clothed) from the bank by the entrance to the narrow lock. Boats were coming and going and it was getting a bit dangerous. A boat arrived up river and moored in front of us ready to go up the staircase. The teenagers started jumping on and off the boat despite the boater telling them to get off. What started as a bit of boisterous fun was begining to get out of hand. Several people had a word with them, including a BW man, and they eventually wandered off.

We went up through the staircases and York St lock and moored up for the night near the disused railway bridge on the outskirts of town.
Kangaroo steaks ! The weather stayed fine and we had another barbecue.

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