Iced in

We have brought our two grandchildren Josh(13) and Becca(10) for the weekend. They have been on board before, but not slept.

We arrived about 5 o’clock Friday afternoon to find the canal almost frozen over. A very cold night meant that by the morning that canal was completely frozen. We attempted to move as the plan was to go down to Stourport for the night, but the ice was too thick. So it looks like we’ll be staying put for the weekend.

As we cant cruise to Stourport we drove instead. We went for a walk around the basins and along the riverside path, did some shopping then back to Kidderminster.

Another cold night with the frost stat bringing the central heating on several times during the night. We awoke to find the canal frozen over much more solidly. Back home Sunday morning in time to get lunch for the rest of the family as usual.

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