Engine service

The engine was due for it’s 1000 hour service and we needed to sort out the loss of power problem before venturing onto the Severn again, so I booked a service with Anglo-Welsh at Bromsgrove as they are acredited Isuzu engineers.

Their guy Jonathon arrived at about 9:30 and did a very thorough job taking over two hours. He found the fuel starvation problem. The water trap filter was blocked up with gunge. He also changed the oil, filters, belts etc and did some general tidying up etc in the engine hole.

He ran the engine at high revs (about 2000 rpm) in gear for some while to give the engine a good testing. Something I wouldn’t have dared to do !

Meanwhile I did some further investigation of the water leak problem. I thoroughly dried and cleaned the area around the water tank outlet. I was going to paint it all with Hammerite, but decided to leave that until the next visit to see if any more water leaks out.

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