Splatt Bridge (again)

Back up to Splatt bridge as we had planned a a barbecue with Teresa and Lins in the evening and it was a much more suitable mooring. On the way back up the canal we saw a duck-like bird that we didnt recognise. Smaller than a mallard and a sort of mottled greyish brown. We consulted our book and identified her as a Garganey. She had with her three ducklings. The RSBP site says that they are scarce. We thought that this one was probably an escapee from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, which is only a mile or so away as the crow, or garganey, flies.

Got in the car and off to Tesco in Cam for supplies.

The weather improved gadually through the day, and though not warm by the evening it was OK. Not sure why we have the umbrella up as it wasnt actually raining

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