Tixall Wide

As is my usual I was awake soon after six. I stuck my head out of the hatch and saw the steerer of the coal butty walking along the towpath. We thought that this may mean they are early risers too and we needed to be away before them! So we showered and got dressed and were on the move by 6:40. With hindsight I think that he was only letting his dog out for a leak, but it was a good morning and it meant that we could meet the other cutwebers at Tixall the evening before we were all due at Stafford Boat Club.

Fairly uneventful day, but the weather deteriorated and by midday we were getting heavy rainstorms and a very strong wind.

We arrived at Tixall Wide at about 15:30. I had already received a text to say breast up with Levick. We found the others (Andrew & Sheila on Uncle Mort, Angela & Mike on Levick and Barbara & Malcolm on Pilgim) at the far end of the wide. As I came in to turn the wind was blowing very strongly and it was a bit of a struggle to get it round, but we successfully breasted up to Levick and we were soon having drinks and a barbecue. The weather turned really cold around seven o’clock and we all retired to our respective boats.

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