Refitting water tank

We arrived about four o’clock yesterday and I immediately set about refitting the water tank.

I climbed down into the tank void to clean it out and realised that I’m getting too old for that sort of thing. At one point I got to the stage where I wasnt quite sure how I was going to get back out again!

Eventually it was all cleaned out and I put the repaired liner back in. It was quite difficult to get it to fit snugly into the corners and so I thought that filling it with water would help to push it out to the right position. That partially helped. It filled up OK, and we now have flowing water again, however it’s not in there exactly central and that is putting a bit of a strain on the plastic plumbing. Next time the tank gets near to empty I’m going to try and move it a bit.

I spent this morning doing a few electrcal jobs on board, fitting some LED lamps in place of incandescent ones to reduce the battery load and fitting a 12v socket in the bedroom so that we can have some music in there via our radio/ipod player.

In the afternoon we went on a lovely walk around Bewdley and Ribbesford and back along the riverside path. It was ideal walking weather warm but not hot.

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