Back to Wolverley

A late rise, then Tres & Lins joined us for a leisurely breakfast at around ten. We needed to turn the boat around as we were going to Worcester later in the week. The weather looked OK so we thought that we would go for a short cruise up to Whittington Horse bridge and back. It did start to drizzle a bit at one point but otherwise a pleasant autumn day. Just over 3 hours later we were back where we started. Someone once told me that you only really start to enjoy narrowboating when you realise that it’s a complete waste of time. How right they were!

The Queen’s Head in the village beckoned, so we strolled over for a drink and strolled back again, then T & L went back to their caravan for a “lie down” and I prepared the evening meal. They joined us again later for supper on board.

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