Installing Solar Panel

We arrived yesterday evening just after 6:00pm. Only unloaded the basic stuff as it was too dark to see. At least it wasn’t  freezing and there’s no snow & ice to slip on. The battery was flat again, so had to run the engine for a couple of hours. Had a meal, a glass of wine, watched a DVD and went to bed.

A bit grey and drizzly today, which is a pity as I have to work outside to make the mounting frame for the new solar panel that we have bought. The central heating on the frost stat drains the battery in abut a week during the cold weather and, as we have no mains here, a battery charger isn’t possible. So we decided to go for a solar panel. We have a 60W panel from SunStore ( I bought some aluminium angle to to make a support frame. The frame has to a) hold the panel at the right angle. b) stop it blowing away, c) stop theives pinching it and d) be easy to demount when we go cruising.

This is the result:

We refilled the water system and checked for leaks, at first there didnt seem to be any, but then I discovered that an inline filter in the line to the toilet was seeping. It’s brass where most of the plumbing is plastic, so I guess in cracked when it froze. I’ll have to replace it next trip.

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