There and back again

We have just come up for the weekend to check that everything is OK. Arrived Friday evening – meal, a bottle a wine and bed.
On Saturday the weather was really windy. We went for a walk in the morning. In the afternoon we drove out to Much Wenlock in Shropshire for a look around, a very attractive little town. Later I fetched a pallet out of a skip that I’d seen earlier and chopped it up for firewood. Unfortunately I managed to stand on a nail in one of the planks. For a while it was difficult to get my foot to stop bleeding, but I got it under control. In the evening we got fish & chips from the chippie in the town.
We had planned a longer walk on Sunday, but obviously with my foot still painful that wasn’t on. So we went for a short chug up to Ashwood marina, winded then back to Whittington horse bridge, winded again and then back to the mooring.
Monday morning was spent tidying up then back home.

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