Delayed arrival

We had planned to come and check all was OK last weekend, but my health conspired against us. I had had a heavy chesty cough for a while and thought “It’ll go away, I’ll shake it off”. But it didn’t go away it got worse until one evening I collapsed with difficulty in breathing and shaking all over. The doctor was called and, without even coming to visit, she called an ambulance and I was taken to Frenchay Hospital where they diagnosed viral pneumonia. It seems that the pneumonia had weakened me so that I now had a secondary infection, so they pumped me full of intravenous antibiotics. I was also dehydrated so I had intravenous fluids as well. After three days I was much better, though still tired and short of breath, so I was discharged. In my 59 years this was my first experience of hospital as a patient. It wasnt as bad as I expected, and I was very glad of the care and attention I received.
We arrived here at about 6 o’clock, had a quick meal then drove to the Queens head at Wolverley where a very pleasant evening was spent with Andrew & Sheila Goodland and Roger & Margret Millin.

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