We are moored right on the border between Worcestershire & Staffordshire. The line goes down the middle of the table, so I had last night’s meal in Staffordshire, while Heddi was in Worcestershire!
We hadn’t visited JH since mid March and are not planning to again until the first week of June. So we thought that we ought check that all was OK. The weather forecast for the weekend was pretty dire so we decided to go down to Wolverley, via a stop at the Tesco express in Cookley, wind then return to here and sit out the weather.
Yesterday was very cold, rainy and very windy. The day was spent just reading, doing a few odd jobs and looking out the window. By 4 o’clock the rain had nearly stopped so we did get a bit of fresh air by going for a short walk. The river Stour was running faster and higher than we had ever seen before.

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