Near Saul

With Mike’s help I spent the morning changing one of the batteries. The battery bank on JH was arranged rather oddly. There are three domestic and one starter battery. They were laid out DDSD. I wanted to replace the starter battery as it had been going flat if left for a week or two. So as well as replacing it I rewired everything so that they now go DDDS. Access to the batteries is a bit awkward and after nearly an hour working bent over in the cramped space of the engine ‘ole I was feeling stiff and bruised, but at leats the job was done.

Jan & Mike left for home after lunch and about 5ish we chugged slowly up to near the winding hole north of Saul junction where we had agreed to meet Andrew & Sheila. Uncle Mort turned up shortly after we’d moored up and very pleasant evening was spent aboard UM eating, chatting & drinking.

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