Debdale Lock

Just here for a few days to prepare the boat for the winter. We have arranged to see Andrew & Sheila in Stourport tomorrow, so we set off partway today.

C&RT are supposed to be resurfacing the track from The Vine to our mooring car park this week, so we had to leave the car down by the lock. Hopefully they will have finished by the time we get back, otherwise it will be a long way to carry everything.

It was a bit cold and looked like rain but we set off anyway at about 12:00. A short stop for water at Kinver services, where I fitted the new hosepipe to the reel. I should have waited for warmer weather! The plastic fitting was a bit brittle in the cold and has cracked. So now we have a leak. I’ll have to buy some Araldite, or similar, to try to mend it.

By 3 o’clock it was cold and dreary, so we stopped just above Debdale Lock. As we were away from any other boats we could run the engine to watch TV, so it was “The Producers” on DVD.

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