Weedon Bec

A day of two halves, the morning drizzly and wet, the afternoon and evening fine and warm. We arrived at the bottom of the Stoke Bourne flight just before 9 o’clock. Chatting to some boaters coming down we ascertained that Uncle Mort was still up the top when they came down. In fact we caught

Above Cosgrove lock

The usual early start, then a call in to Tesco (general stuff), Aldi (cereals, chocolate & biscuits) and Wyvern shipping (pumpout). When we arrived at the three  Soulbury locks there was a boat waiting to go down. They had been there about 30mins. One of the intermediate pounds was completely empty when they arrived. A

Bridge 115c (South of Linslade)

11 miles and 18 locks. The weather didn’t look too promising, so we thought that we would get going before it got worse. It wasn’t too bad, mostly just drizzle, until about 1 o’clock then it gradually detiorated. As yesterday, the first part of the journey was dominated by lack of water. Some of the

Above Cowroast lock

24 locks and 9 miles today. The day was dominated by the lack of water in the canal. The weather forecast was not very good, so we made our usual early start to get going before the expected rain. The problem wasn’t too much water on our heads, it was not enough under the boat.

Above King’s Langley lock

A good day today, good progress (12 miles & 18 locks) and warm, but no too hot weather. As usual we made an early start at just after eight o’clock. There have been very few boats about. We expected to share some of the locks, but we didnt meet another boat going our way so

Denham Bridge

Sorry for late update – no 3G last night, also no pics today, nothing worth taking! After topping up with water we left Little Venice just after 8:00 and retraced our steps along the Paddington arm back to Bull’s Bridge Junction. We then headed north on the Grand Union proper. This area of north London

Rembrandt Gardens

Day 1 Raining this morning. We have had over a fortnight of almost unbroken good weather, but it seems to be on the change. We needed to be around at 12:00 as Grace, the boat on ‘our’ mooring would be leaving then and we had to move into that spot. The rain stopped around 10:30

Rembrandt Gardens, Little Venice

We had pre-booked these moorings before we set off as we knew that finding somewhere would be difficult. So we winded just above the top Hertford Union lock (not an official winding point but wide enough) and set off back along the Regents Canal towards central London. We stopped briefly at some newly constructed moorings

Not moved

After a week or more of hot, dry days the weather broke this morning. It started raining about eightish and carried on all morning. So we stayed on board and chilled out reading magazines (me) and doing a jigsaw (Heddi). The weather cleared up after lunch so we decided to cycle the route around the

Victoria Park (Hertford Union)

Through from west London to east London today. Again an early start as we thought that would give us the best chance of finding a mooring. In this part of London almost every available foot of mooring is taken up by permenant liveaboards, even the 7 day visitor moorings. We passed Little Venice, where we