Claydon top lock

A fairly leisurely chug to Napton, up the locks then along the summit pound.

The Napton flight was busy with boats coming down,  which helped us as we were going up. At the top Marston Doles lock there was a CRT volunteer, but unlike others we have met, this one knew what he was doing. He used his initiative and let some water down as the penultimate pound was very low.

A brief shower of rain dampened things for a while, but then it warmed up again.

We moored just above Clayton top lock. I had planned to paint the rubbing strake on the other side here, but the bankside is too high. That will have to wait for another day.

To stretch our legs we took a short walk across the fields to Clayton village and then back along a lane to bridge 145. As we got back on the towpath there was a queue of three boats at the middle lock.


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