Blue Lias

we have arrived at the Blue Lias pub Long Itchington where we will spend the next few days at the Cutweb rally.

We were off and away by 7:30, it was very peaceful going until we joined a queue of boats at Marston Doles. Progress was slow due to one boat being bow hauled backwards up the flight. They had broken down and wanted to get back to a bridge with a road crossing.

It was very windy at Calcutt locks (which is nothing unusual) then four locks down the Stockton flight we came to a halt as some CRT men were reparing a lock damaged by a hire boater. Following a text message exchange with Andrew & Sheila on Uncle Mort we were trying to get to the rally site before them, but because of the hold up they won.

A very pleasant evening was spent aboard Uncle Mort, more that one bottle of wine was consumed!


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