In the morning we moved the boat over onto the visitor moorings to wait for Andrew and Sheila who were driving up from Dorset. They arrived just after two o’clock. Their stuff was unloaded then Sheila stayed on board and Andrew went off to park the car in Southport. We then set off just about


13 miles a 8 locks. After four days of no locks we had some quite difficult ones today. Just after setting off we had to negotiate Plank Lane lift bridge. This can only be used outside of peak traffic times. So we set off early to get there before eight o’clock. In order to have

Pennington Flash

21 miles, no locks. As Sainsburys yesterday let us down, we planned to stop at Tesco in Sale to get the stuff we needed. Finding the right bridge to stop at proved a bit tricky. Not made easier by the shop symbol in Nicholsons being in the wrong place. Luckily technology in the shape of


A reasonably early start as we wanted to get to Preston Brook tunnel by eight o’clock. Entry into the tunnel is timed. Northbound from on the hour to 10 past, and southbound from half past to twenty to. So had we arrived after 8:10 we would have had to wait. As it was we got

Bridge 211

We knew that it would only be a short day today so we did a few jobs and then set off just before 11 o’clock. The weather was alternately rain and dry, but mostly rain. A quick lunch stop by the Anderton lift, then on to moor for the evening by bridge 211 a mile