26 miles, 1 stop lock, 3 tunnels. The weather started off fine, so we set off early. It stayed ok for most of the day, but then started raining in the afternoon. We have been boating for about a month and so far it has rained every day. A stop for lunch at the entrance


A wet, dry, wet, dry, wet sort of day. We left Middlewich at 8:30ish. The three locks were set for us, but as we came down the first one a young lad started to empty the middle one! I went down and told him we were just coming out of the top lock, so then


The Downs family arrived at 9:15. As soon as they had unpacked and had a coffee we set off towards Middlewich. We hadn’t gone far when it started to pour with rain. Paul and I stayed outside getting wet whilst the others remained dry. We stopped at Bramble Cuttings until the rain stopped, then carried


Left home early (6:18) to beat the M5/6 traffic. It seemed to work as we made it in record time (2hrs 18mins). Had breakfast, unpacked and chilled out. Daughter Nikki and her family are due tomorrow so we were making tne most of tne peace and quiet. A walk after lunch then more chilling.


Jan & Mike arrived just before 9 o’clock having set off at 6:30! We unloaded their stuff and set off for the Anderton Lift. Our booked slot wasn’t until 3:45. So we had an early lunch then went to the office to see if we could go earlier. It seems that the CRT system wont

Above Weston lock

To confuse matters there are two ‘Weston’ locks on tne Trent and Mersey canal. We are moored just above the more northerly one, near Weston Upon Trent. Today has been the coldest boating day we can remember in over 20 years. Ususally I dont feel the cold too much, but today I had five layers

Fradley Junction

An uneventful day. We set off at 8:00, dropped down the last two Atherstone locks then chugged the long pound past Polesworth, Alvecote and Amington to reach Glascote locks. We had hardly seen any boats all morning, but now found ourselves third in a queue for tne locks. These are very slow to fill so

Hawkesbury Junction

A fairly uneventful day with only the three Hillmorton locks to do. The sun tried to come out, but it was still cold due to the wind. Last time we came this way we saw several water voles, despite keeping our eyes especially alert today we didnt see any. Perhaps they were all hiding away


Much colder today than yesterday. There was a cold wind blowing along tne Oxford summit. It was slow progress down the Napton flight. We were following a couple on a hire boat who insisted on using a rope in each lock. We told tnem it wasn’t necessary, but he said that it gives him ‘more