Arrived last night to find the boat warmer than pervious visits and the battery topped up so the heater and the trickle charger are obviously working. A fairly lazy start, we set off about nineish heading for Kinver, mainly to give the engine a bit of a run and to get a pumpout. Stopped breifly

Ice gone

Woke up this morning to find the ice all gone. Odd that it melted during the night rather than in the day. I reorganised the wiring for the trickle charger, moving it nearer the battery so that the 12v lines were shorter. Even though the temperature is now above freezing we decided to leave the

Thaw started

The canal is still frozen, but the forecast is for warmer weather and the ice looks like it’s starting to melt. No cruising so a walk today. Up the towpath to just above Woverley Court lock, then across the footbridge and via a footpath into the village of Wolverley. Had a look round the church,

Flying visit

Just popped up for the evening. The continuing cold weather makes me a little concerned for the plumbing on board. The Eberspacher central heating is on a frost stat which should protect against any pipes freezing. The problem is that the heater drains the battery in couple of days if the heating comes on frequently.

Iced in

We have brought our two grandchildren Josh(13) and Becca(10) for the weekend. They have been on board before, but not slept. We arrived about 5 o’clock Friday afternoon to find the canal almost frozen over. A very cold night meant that by the morning that canal was completely frozen. We attempted to move as the