Little Venice

An early morning start, we were away by 6:05. The bookable moorings at Rembrandt Gardens are available from 1:00pm. So the early start was to get us there by early afternoon. We came down the lower Lee fairly quickly. The last two locks are hydraulic and electrically operated, so we didnt have to do any

Above Stonebridge Lock

We had a stowaway today. We had been going for about 30 mins when I noticed a little mouse running around on the roof. He must have climbed up the foliage alongside yesterday and climbed aboard. He started running back and forth trying to find a way off. We were trying to think of ways

Still here

We haven’t moved today. The plan was to move down to The Hertford Union canal tomorrow, but we have changed our minds and will now go to Stonebridge lock instead and then go from there to Rembrant Gardens in one go. A very late start for us, we hadn’t finished breakfast until 9:30. Then we

Waltham Abbey

A new experience for us today. We’ve been to Essex. We are moored up just above Waltham Town lock. We are a little ahead of our schedule to get to Rembrant Gardens for the 9th. So we only did a short trip this morning, stopped for lunch then decided to stay here for a couple


Only a short cruise today, 3 miles and 3 locks. We arrived in Hertford at about 11:30. As Hertford is the head of navigation the intention was to just do a bit of shopping, have lunch then turn round and head back down the Lee. But we are in no hurry and have plenty of

Amwell Marsh Footbridge

15 miles and 11 locks The River Lee (or Lea) changes dramatically after Ponders End lock. It becomes much more rural and more attractive. The navigation, which for the most part is not the natural river, goes through the “Lea Valley Regional Park”. On this lovely warm June day the locals were making much use

Above Stonebridge lock

We have travelled 16miles and done 13 locks today. Of those sixteen miles I would guess about twelve of them have been lined on at least one side, and often both sides, with moored boats. The non moving “continuous cruiser” situation in London is much worse that when we last visited a few years ago.