Boat & Caravan Show

We left soon after nine to drive to the NEC for the “Boat & Caravan Show”. It should be called “The lots and lots of caravans and a few boats if you look very hard show”. From an inland waterways point of view it was very disappointing. There were five halls, four large and one


The weather was a bit cold today, though not wet. So it was a pleasant, slowish journey down to the winding hole by Whittington Horse Bridge, then back up to the Kinver services block for a pumpout and top up with water. We loaded up most of the stuff into the car so that we

Above Marsh Lock

Only a short way today, just 2 miles & 3 locks. This morning we went on a walk to the pretty village of Trysull. We went up to Awbridge lock. Then along the lane and across the fields to the village. After turning left at the church we picked up a footpath that led via

Back at Bratch, via Compton

We are back at the same place, facing the same way as yesterday ! We went up to Aldersley junction, winded then back to Limekiln at Compton to top up with fuel. We were going to have a pumpout, but their machine is broke. I wanted to get some diesel bug killer as well, but

Bottom of Bratch

We’ve moved at last! Due to stoppages, ice and time commitments we hadn’t moved since the 1st of November. We arrived last night at around 5:30. The solar panel had done it’s job and the battery was topped up. I lit the fire, we had a glass of wine a meal and watched a DVD