Refitting water tank

We arrived about four o’clock yesterday and I immediately set about refitting the water tank. I climbed down into the tank void to clean it out and realised that I’m getting too old for that sort of thing. At one point I got to the stage where I wasnt quite sure how I was going

Flying visit

Yesterday I put the old tank liner in the skip, we tidied up a bit and went home. Today I contacted various companies about a replacement liner and found that Duratank had made the original and were prepared to attempt a repair. So this afternoon we dashed back up the M5 to retrieve it from

Still here

Off to Netto before breakfast to get some bread (and wine and other stuff we didn’t intend to buy) and then got stuck into today’s tasks. Heddi did lots of painting. The bow area in particular now looks much smarter. I tried to drill out the eight screws holding down the inspection hatch into the

Staying put

Not going anywhere this weekend, we have decided to spend some time doing jobs on board. We didn’t do much today though. After a trip up the motorway in lovely bright sunshine we arrived about six o’clock. We unloaded, cooked a meal and played with our new clock radio/ipod docking thing that we bought from