Trip to Greenwich

Andrew had been contacted by waterways author Steve Haywood who lives in Greenwich. He suggested that we all go over there and he would ‘show us around’. There was an exhibition on in the Maritime Museum that Sheila wanted to see so we all set off. The first part of the journey was the tube

Little Venice

An early morning start, we were away by 6:05. The bookable moorings at Rembrandt Gardens are available from 1:00pm. So the early start was to get us there by early afternoon. We came down the lower Lee fairly quickly. The last two locks are hydraulic and electrically operated, so we didnt have to do any

Above Stonebridge lock

We have travelled 16miles and done 13 locks today. Of those sixteen miles I would guess about twelve of them have been lined on at least one side, and often both sides, with moored boats. The non moving “continuous cruiser” situation in London is much worse that when we last visited a few years ago. 

Rembrandt Gardens

Day 1 Raining this morning. We have had over a fortnight of almost unbroken good weather, but it seems to be on the change. We needed to be around at 12:00 as Grace, the boat on ‘our’ mooring would be leaving then and we had to move into that spot. The rain stopped around 10:30

Rembrandt Gardens, Little Venice

We had pre-booked these moorings before we set off as we knew that finding somewhere would be difficult. So we winded just above the top Hertford Union lock (not an official winding point but wide enough) and set off back along the Regents Canal towards central London. We stopped briefly at some newly constructed moorings

Not moved

After a week or more of hot, dry days the weather broke this morning. It started raining about eightish and carried on all morning. So we stayed on board and chilled out reading magazines (me) and doing a jigsaw (Heddi). The weather cleared up after lunch so we decided to cycle the route around the

Victoria Park (Hertford Union)

Through from west London to east London today. Again an early start as we thought that would give us the best chance of finding a mooring. In this part of London almost every available foot of mooring is taken up by permenant liveaboards, even the 7 day visitor moorings. We passed Little Venice, where we