Stourport, on the canal

Fairly short trip today, only about a mile. We wandered up to the High st in the morning and bought some stuff for a barbecue. The bucher had an array of exotic sausages including ostrich, kangaroo, wildebeest, etc. We bought a selection including kangaroo. We did a few jobs around the boat in the lovely

Stourport river moorings

Yet another trip to the shops in the morning, then up the river to Stourport. We stopped on the pontoons between the wide & narrow locks. The only space available was right by the outflow from the basins. There was a lot of water coming down and I thought that the noise might keep Nikki

Worcester, on the river

We moved down to the moorings by the Commandery. I say ‘we’, but actually the others did all the work as I was down below working on my laptop trying to solve a problem with a customer’s server. The rest of the morning and part of the afternoon was spent wandering round the shops. Then

Just outside Worcester

By the morning I could tell that I needed to do something about my hand. I thought that I had seen a doctor’s surgery in Tibberton, so decided to walk there later. We took on water by bridge 42. There was a village map there showing a doctor’s. So I set off in search, while

Stoke Prior

A long day today, 35 locks. We came down the Tardibigge and Stoke flights. We got into a pretty good rhythm with the 3 1/2 of us (Nikki was only winding the easy ones and taking a rest every now and then). With one ahead setting the next lock we only had to wait when

South of Wast Hill tunnel

The plan was to spend tonight in the centre of Birmingham in the Gas St area, but that didnt work out. We set off at about 8:30 (Nikki & Paul still in bed!), past the new “Waterfront” area. There are plenty of moorings here, but a nearby club with a big sign saying “Open until

Delph top

The plan for the week was to do the ‘Stourport ring’. Daughter Nikki & son in law Paul were due to come with us this week on Symphony and had booked their holidays accordingly. Now that we no longer had to be back by Friday morning we could go more leisurely over eight days instead

Wolverley Court Lock

Heddi, Nikki and I arrived soon after lunch, unpacked the stuff and then drove to Sainsbury’s to stock up for the week. We didnt go by boat as we had to wait for Paul to join us after he finished work. While we were waiting I did a few odd jobs around the boat and

Chug up and down a bit

During the morning I fitted the battery after a visit to B&Q  for some bits and pieces. Physically getting the battery in there went easier than I expected, but doing the electrical side was a bit tricky becuase of the limited amount of room to manouver the thick cables. I’d completed it by about 12:00

New battery

For some time I have been thinking of adding an extra battery to the domestic bank. JH has only two 135Ah batteries on the domestic side, which is rather less than most boats. We called in at Limekiln Chanlery in Stourport and picked up a new 110Ah battery and a battery box to put it