Iced in

We arrived yesterday lunchtime for a quick visit. I wanted to finish off wiring the solar panel in properly, and replace the inline water filter which had split due to the frost. We were pleased to see that the solar panel had been working OK, the battery was not fully charged, but much better that

Break ins

This morning we were talking to the people on “Dancing Lady”. They told us about the break in to “Mandarin”. Mandarin is the boat moored next to us, we had noticed one of the windows boarded up and covered in polythene. It seems that someone smashed the glass to get in. They only took food

Installing Solar Panel

We arrived yesterday evening just after 6:00pm. Only unloaded the basic stuff as it was too dark to see. At least it wasn’t  freezing and there’s no snow & ice to slip on. The battery was flat again, so had to run the engine for a couple of hours. Had a meal, a glass of