Above Stonebridge lock

We have travelled 16miles and done 13 locks today. Of those sixteen miles I would guess about twelve of them have been lined on at least one side, and often both sides, with moored boats. The non moving “continuous cruiser” situation in London is much worse that when we last visited a few years ago. 

Old Oak Wharf

We are moored up along the Paddington arm of the Grand Union between Kensal Green and Alperton. I assumed that this thing alongside the boat was the towpath, but aparently it isn’t, it’s a cycle race track. Yesterday evening we spent quite a while observing a swan’s nest opposite. The poor swan was trying desperately

Above Clitheroe’s lock

To borrow a footballing saying, today was very much a day of two halves. This morning was spent in the quiet, serene, cultural environs of Hampton Court Palace. The whole experience is very well done and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Over the last day or so I had noticed that the bilge pump didnt seem

Hampton Court Palace

We needed to get Nikki and family back to their car by about 3 o’clock but we had plenty of time so a leisurely chug back via an abortive trip to Pryford marina (their pumpout machine was broken). We went back up Shepperton lock to moor up temporarily back where we were on Friday evening.

Wareham’s Bridge (via Godalming)

Tonight we are moored back in the same place as last night. However we have been down to the limit of navigation and back again. Here’s the proof. It has been really hot today and the good people of Surrey have been out in force enjoying the delights of the river Wey. We have really

Wareham’s Bridge

We were expecting daughter Nikki, son in law Paul and their children to arrive at about 10:30. They called to say the M5 traffic was bad and they would be delayed, but in fact their alternative route was almost as quick and they were soon with us. The plan was to leave their car in

Above Shepperton lock

22 miles and 9 locks It had been raining almost all night but stopped at around 8:00. We set off at 8:15. For most of the day it was cloudy and cold, but after we had moored up for the evening the sun came out and it was really warm. We met more boats tooday


The day started off cold and wet and not at all promising.We stopped at Shiplake lock to top up with water, and then carried on through Marsh lock and down the Henley Regatta course which was being set up for next week. We didn’t meet a lock keeper until Hambledon lock which we shared with


This is the new C&RT logo launched today: Chosen, aparently, because  they are “repositioning the charity for wellbeing”. What utter gibberish. C&RT have completely lost sight of the fact that their primary role is that of a navigation authority, not a health promoter. We got up early and spent another hour or so with T-Cut,


We set off about 8:15, there were no lockies on duty until we got to Osney where  we handed over £64.40 for a week’s Thames licence. On the narrow twisty section between Kings and Godstow locks we unfortunately got caught by the current and ended up in the bushes. This has left some scratches down