There and back again

Josh, Georgia and Ivy arrived mid morning and we set off up the three locks to Hanbury junction. This is Ivy’s first experience of narrowboating! We turned in Tibberton winding hole then came back to Dunhampstead moorings for lunch. The sun was shining and it was warm and pleasant. Back to the marina and our

Back to the marina

We were up and way earlyish as the forecast was for the weather to deteriorate during the day. We were very surprised by the lack of other boats about. In the two days to Worcester and back we only encountered three other boats on the move. Following a short stop for lunch we carried on


After breakfast we set off for Worcester. With four of us we could work one lock ahead on the Offerton flight. Brian soon got the hang of what to do with the paddles, gates etc. The weather had improved a bit and it was a pleasant run down to Worcester. After winding in Diglis basin

Dunhampstead moorings

We came up yesterday afternoon and stayed in the marina overnight. I did a few jobs onboard this morning whilst waiting for Teresa and Brian. They came in time for lunch, and then we set off. This is Brian’s first ‘proper’ trip, previously he’d only been on the G&S for a short chug. We turned