Just down the four locks and four miles back to the marina by 10 o’clock. Bacon sandwiches at 10:30, J&M left soon after. We tidied up and were away by 12:00


We were all up, showered and breakfasted by about 8:30, so just chugged over to the lift waiting area. It was a bit later than our allotted time of 9:15 as we entered the lift, but we were up by 10 o’clock. The new tank gauge showed just over 80% full so we decided to

Anderton Visitor’s Mooring

We awoke to blue skies and it stayed like that all day, reaching 23°C by early afternoon. The lock keepers at Hunts lock dont come on duty until 9:30 on weekends. So we chugged up slowly then moored up and waited for them. On through Vale Royal locks and and to Winsford, where we moored


Jan & Mike arrived just before 9 o’clock having set off at 6:30! We unloaded their stuff and set off for the Anderton Lift . Our booked slot wasn’t until 3:45. So we had an early lunch then went to the office to see if we could go earlier. It seems that the CRT system

New Engine Deck Boards

I have spent most of today making new deck boards to cover the engine hole. I bought a sheet of Buffalo Board at home. The problem was that it was too big to fit in the car. I had only measured the old boards roughly, so at home I had to cut the new board

Odd Jobs

The quickest trip up the M5/6 so far, only two and a half hours. We are here to do a few odd jobs on board before friends Jan & Mike joins us on Thursday. The weather forecast was for sun, but it’s raining. One of the jobs is outside so that will have to wait