Worcester – at last !

After over five weeks of waiting we have finally begun the trip back to Kinver! The Severn has been open for several days, but we have been on a pre-booked camping holiday in Devon until yesterday. So today we drove up to Parkend and started the journey back. We locked out at Gloucester at nine

Still Waiting

We spent another night on board at Parkend. Over the weekend we have been off on a family camping trip to celebrate our son-in-law’s birthday. We came straight from the camping trip to here to check all was OK. The original intention was to make another attempt to go up the Severn, but the weather

Back at Parkend

The level hasnt dropped, but worse from our point if view, Upper Lode lock is closed as the level up there is too high. There was no point in waiting, so we cruised back to Parkend. We really need my car next weekend as we have a family camping trip planned for Paul’s birthday –

Gloucester docks

Back in the docks again to see if the water levels allow us up the river tomorrow. It’s been a lovely warm day with plenty of sunshine. We arrived at Parkend about 2 o’clock and came straight up here. I spoke to the Gloucester lockie this morning who said that the level had dropped to


The river had dropped a little this morning, but nowhere near enough to think that it would be open later today. The BW guys thought it would be at least Wednesday before we could go. Heddi has to be back at school on Wednesday, so we returned to Parkend and left the boat there. Parkend


We haven’t moved. This morning I went over to have chat with the Gloucester lockie. The river level was 4.4m it has to be 3.9m or less to allow us out on the river. Just looking at the speed of the flow I wouldn’t want to try navigating a narrowboat in that! The weather has

Gloucester Docks

We drove back up to Frampton yesterday afternoon and stayed there for the night. Then, this morning we came up to Saul Junction to get water and wait for Rachel, Steve & Emily. Rachel has mobility problems and it’s easier for her to get on there. Unfortunately the weather was not good, but we took

Splatt bridge (boat), home (us)

Heddi’s sister Val and her husband Dave came at about 11:00. The weather wasnt very good, but nevertheless we took them for a short ride up to Saul junction, moored up, had lunch then chugged back. When they left at about three we went also so that they could accompany us to the garage to

Still here

Another horrible, grey rainy day. We got a call in the morning from daughter Nikki, “Are you still on the boat?”, “Can we come and visit?” They had to abandon their camping holiday because of the weather so now were looking for places to take the children on day trips. They joined us for lunch,

Splatt Bridge

Saturday was spent in London attending our nephew’s wedding. The reception was held at Lords Cricket Ground – very smart! We drove back this morning, called in home to drop off some things and collect others then drove to Patch bridge. After unloading the car we chugged up the canal to here, then walked back