Splatt Bridge

Only a couple of miles today. After breakfast we walked via the fields to Frampton to the village shop to get some stuff for tomorrow’s lunch. Back to the boat for lunch. In the afternoon a really strong wind blew up, but we needed to get to Splatt to pick up Theresa tomorrow. So we turned the boat by keeping the bow tethered and letting the wind take round the stern. The plan was then to take on water, but there were two boats on the water point so we pressed on, deciding to do the water at Splatt. Mooring up just before the bridge was a bit difficult in the strong wind. We are nearly opposite the water point and had planned to go over in the morning and top up whilst waiting for Theresa. But this afternoon a boat moved over there, it appears without engine power, and has stayed on the point. So we’ll have to try at Slimbridge instead.

The forecast isn’t good for tomorrow. The strong wind has dropped now, but rain is forecast.

Our mooring opposite Frampton church

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