Yesterday was down to Thrupp for an excellent meal in The Boat then neck to moor not far from last night’s mooring. Today a chug back to the marina in chilly and damp conditions. When we got to Banbury there were hundreds (no exaggeration ) of canoeists. They were mostly young teenagers, obviously involved in

Bridge 192

Jan & Mike arrived about 10, after their satnav had completely misled them regarding the location of the marina! With there stuff unloaded and the car parked we set off south down the canal towards Oxford. A brief stop in Banbury to top up with supplies hen off for a very pleasant cruise down to

Cropredy marina

Recently at the Cutweb rally Tony Brooks ( noted that he thought our rudder was loose. I had noticed it appeared to wobble slightly as you went from left to right. After talking it over with various people it seemed the likely problem was the two bolts holding the rudder on to the shaft had

Bridge 130

For the past three days we have been at the Cutweb rally. Much chatting, drinking and eating was enjoyed by all.   At about 7:30 this morning we started untangling JH from the other boats. We had already agreed with Brian on Harnser ( that we would go with them at eight o’clock to share

Blue Lias, Long Itchington

Our usual early morning start and a very pleasant run down the rest of the Napton flight. I think it must me pensioner’s week for the hire companies. All the hire boats we met had more ‘mature’ people on board. I suppose that the rates go down after the school holidays. As we approached Calcutt

Elkington’s lock

We are on our way the the Cutweb rally at Long Itchington. As we wanted to wash the side of the boat (covered in spider’s web!) we went just outside the marine and up one lock. The water level was quite low when we moored up, but after we have done the washing and had

Cropredy marina

After 290 miles, 192 locks, 4 canals (Oxford, Regents, Grand Union, Hertford Union) and 3 rivers (Cherwell,   Thames,  Brent) we arrived back where we started at about one o’clock. The last 8 locks down from the summit pound were very busy. There were several other boats going our way and we met an upcoming

Priors Hardwick Bridge

After two excellent days chugging with Uncle Mort they turned right at Napton junction to head off towards Warwick and we continued along the Oxford. After the first three locks of the Napton flight we were in trouble – the throttle cable had broke. This is a problem with our boat. It seems to be


A  nine o’clock start (late for us, early for the Beekies!) saw the two boats heading in convoy for the Buckby flight. The weather was excellent and we ascended the flight together fairly quickly. Across the summit and into Braunston tunnel. It was like Piccadilly Circus in there! I have never seen so many boats