The plan was to start off early and get to Hempstead bridge about 8 o’clock as they come on duty, then make an early start up the river. The plan was foiled on two counts. Firstly we didn’t get out of bed on time! Secondly Llanthony bridge doesn’t open until 9:00 to allow all the

Hempstead Bridge

Today was spent mostly going down the Severn. Below Worcester the river isn’t very interesting, with high banks you dont have much of a view. However the grandchildren enjoyed spotting the british bird life and the wide river gave them the opportunity to have a go at steering. At Upper Lode lock we had to


We have been on the boat several times over the winter, but this is the first time we have actually been anywhere. We started out in three cars, left two of them at Frampton on Severn, then carried on in one car to the marina at Droitwich. For this trip we have daughter Liz and

Worcester ( Sabrina Bridge)

Just after setting off we came under the A449 ‘tunnel’ to see three boats and various people milling about. We we approached by a C&RT guy who asked us if we would breast up backwards with a hire boat and take him back down tne locks to the river. It seem that they had arrived

Droitwich Marina

The trip down the river was fairly uneventful, but coming up the Droitwich canals to the marina we got absolutely soaked. The weather was cold and windy at first, but warmed up a bit by 11:30. Waitrose in Vines park provided lunch, then just as we had finished it started to rain. The forecast said

Stourport – on the river

We were due to pick up Karen & Simon at around 11:00, as they said their train got in to Kidderminster at 10:30, but then we recieved a message saying that they were an hour early. We still had plenty of time to get to Sainsburys to get some stuff for lunch. We set off

Stourport, on the river

A bit of shopping in Droitwich (good wool shop at www.emmshaberdashery.co.uk) then off down the barge canal in lovely sunshine. There were more boats about today, we met three hire and two private boats coming up as we made our way down to the Severn. I enjoyed the barge canal this time more than previously.

Wolverley Court Lock

A bit of a lie in this morning, we didnt leave Worcester until just before 9 o’clock. A fairly pleasant trip up the river. We shared all the locks with a Alvechurch hire boat. The family on board normally live in Thailand and were on holiday to show the children some of the British countryside.

Worcester – at last !

After over five weeks of waiting we have finally begun the trip back to Kinver! The Severn has been open for several days, but we have been on a pre-booked camping holiday in Devon until yesterday. So today we drove up to Parkend and started the journey back. We locked out at Gloucester at nine

Splatt Bridge

It rained all night, but by the morning had more or less stopped, with just bits of drizzle. The top of the boat was covered in leaves and seed heads from the willow trees along the bank. As we knew it would be a longish day we set off about 8:00. Breakfast, consisting of bacon