Simon had arranged with Thorne Marine for a pumpout and diesel top up. So they set off early and we followed about 30 minutes later. The thinking was that they would be finished by the time we got there. But they hadn’t even started. Thorne wanted to get their day boats ready first. So we


We decided last night that we would stop at Lymm today, and had planned to arrive late morning. This, we hoped, would give us the best chance of finding two mooring spots. So we set off just after seven. The weather was was a bit grey and drizzly at first, but then cheered up. We


Just 11 miles and no locks today. After breakfast we did a walk around the lake then set off. Worsley was reached about lunchtime, so we stopped for lunch and then decided to stay. Another walk after lunch around the Delph to view the various historic information regarding the original mines.

Ince Moss

We made an early start, just after 6:30. It was a bit misty first thing, but the sun soon got up and it’s been very hot – in the mid twenties. A fairly uneventful trip along the Bridgewater canal into Manchester, then out along tne Leigh branch. For a while we we following a very

Bollington Aqueduct

Yesterday we drove up to the marina, the journey was delayed by an accident on the M5 near the M6 junction. It took a bit longer than usual to unload as we have brought quite a lot of stuff. We are going up the Leeds and Liverpool to Skipton where we’ll meet up with Andrew


A much better day weatherwise than yesterday, gone is that cold wind. Just a short chug along the Bridgewater to Lymm . We like mooring in Lymm, but of course everything is different now. We found a good mooring on the offside. The towpath here is fairly narrow and it’s a popular place for walkers

No name place!

I normally title each entry with where we are, but I dont think here has a name. We are in the middle of nowhere on the Bridgwater canal about halfway between the Runcorn arm junction and the Daresbury Laboratory. This is our first cruise in over 6 months. We wouldn’t normally go this long, but


We set off in time to be at Preston Brook tunnel by nine as northbound boats go on the hour. Then a pleasant cruise along the Bridgewater canal in warm sunshine to reach Lymm by lunchtime. After lunch a stroll around the town to find somewhere for tonight’s meal. We settled on a restaraunt called


26 miles, 1 stop lock, 3 tunnels. The weather started off fine, so we set off early. It stayed ok for most of the day, but then started raining in the afternoon. We have been boating for about a month and so far it has rained every day. A stop for lunch at the entrance