Fairly uneventful day. There was quite a hold up at Hillmorton as one of the top locks was out of action, so to preserve water CRT had disabled one of each of the other two pairs.  It took us an hour and a half to get through. A stop to top up the water and


As we need to be back home by Thursday we had decided to make an early start. As I was untying at just after 7:00 Graham from Jannock popped his head out and said that Neil & Linda on Earnest (yes that one, not the other one) had already left about half an hour ago.

Cutweb Rally

The last three days we have been at the Cutweb rally. Much socialising, drinking, eating and catching up with friends. Activities included, a treasure hunt, conkers, boules, an auction & a quiz.


We set off early again in good weather. The plan today is to get to the Cutweb rally site at Alvecote marina. The rally proper doesnt start until Saturday, but usually people turn up on Friday or Thursday. There was the usual chaos at Fradley with boats coming out of the Coventry to turn down


We were glad to be back on narrow locks, though we had two more of the hard, deep T&M wide locks to do first. We are very familiar with this stretch of the T&M. Our share boat Symphony used to be based here. Also we came this way to and from York two years ago.

Weston on Trent

The weather changed a little overnight. We awoke to a rather chilly, misty morning. The spiders had had fun during the night, there were webs everywhere! It was so misty that we couldn’t see the cooling towers of Ratcliffe power station that usually dominate the skyline around here. For most of today and part of

Near Kegworth

A great day today. The River Soar is really lovely. We enjoy cruising on rivers, but often (e.g. Trent, Severn & Thames) they are wide with large locks, but the Soar is much more intimate, with ‘normal’ sized locks. We needed a pumpout so we stopped at Sileby Mill boatyard. The pumpout connection was on

Thurmaston lock

We had been a little apprehensive regarding today’s trip. Various people had warned us about going through Leicester, but actually it was quite enjoyable. We were away by just after 7 o’clock and the first few locks were set in out favour. On arriving in Leicester we had been expecting rubbish strewn water and dereliction,

Above Gees Lock

We left Foxton at around 7:30. It was rather cloudy but not too cold. We expected to see the two hire boats with the youngsters on moored up around the corner, but they weren’t there. A very pleastant cruise on to Saddlington Tunnel . As we were entering the tunnel we could see that another

Bottom of Foxton locks

A great day today. We re-acquainted ourselves with the ‘Old Union’ summit. We last came this way 12 years ago and strangely couldn’t remember any of it!. Ususally when we re-visit a canal we can recall previous visits even if they were a long time ago, but this time – nothing. At around 10:30 we