We set off early again in good weather. The plan today is to get to the Cutweb rally site at Alvecote marina. The rally proper doesnt start until Saturday, but usually people turn up on Friday or Thursday.

There was the usual chaos at Fradley with boats coming out of the Coventry to turn down the T&M not knowing where in the queue they were in relation to those coming straight down. There is so little space to wait that helmsmen with limited experience get into quite a mess!

We stopped just before Huddlesford junction for a late breakfast. We needed to stock up the groceries so stopped at Sutton Road bridge and walked across the field to ASDA. I always find it a bit daunting crossing busy roads etc after a few days cruising as everything seems so fast!

There was a bit of a hold up at Glascote locks. These are quite slow anyway and with boats from both directions it was over an hour before we got through.

On arrival at Alvecoteit was clear that we were first. I checked with the people in the pub where we were to moored up and we sat in the lovely evening sunshine with a glass of wine.

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