Back to the Marina

A bit of a lie in this morning – away by 8:30. The forecast was for a warm day 26C plus! We followed a large group on an Oxfordshire Narrowbaots hire boat. They were all holding the boat on ropes going down the locks. It took us until 11:30 to get back into our mooring.

Bridge 129, S. Oxford

We had made plans re who we were leaving with and sharing locks last night. So just before 7:00 Andrew nudged Uncle Mort aside to allow us out and we set off with Neil and Linda on Earnest. Linda and I worked the locks and Heddi & Neil steered and we were at the top


Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been too good, so the bring and share lunch and the Morris Dancing ¬†on Saturday had to be ¬†indoors. But the weather did improve a little so the nerf shooting game moved to outside for the final rounds, Andrew G. won. Sunday morning saw the usual auction followed by lunch. Simon

Blue Lias

we have arrived at the Blue Lias pub Long Itchington where we will spend the next few days at the Cutweb rally. We were off and away by 7:30, it was very peaceful going until we joined a queue of boats at Marston Doles. Progress was slow due to one boat being bow hauled backwards

Bridge 133

We spent yesterday and this morning touching up the paintwork. The boat normally next to us is in the dry dock, so we took advantage of the extra space to push JH across and work on the side that we cant usually get at. The canal was fairly busy this morning, we st off after