Waltham Abbey

A new experience for us today. We’ve been to Essex. We are moored up just above Waltham Town lock. We are a little ahead of our schedule to get to Rembrant Gardens for the 9th. So we only did a short trip this morning, stopped for lunch then decided to stay here for a couple

Lower lock

Coots, lots of them. Both the River Lee and the Stort are well supplied with coots. In places there are nests every hundred yards or so. At this time of the year most of them have young cootlets. Both of the parents help in feeding the youngsters The locks on the Stort are 13ft wide.

Below Latton lock

12 miles and 10 locks. The river Stort is lovely. Very peaceful, very rural and windy and twisty. The only problem is moorings. Most of the banks have high reeds and foliage so it’s difficult to find anywhere, and the places that are suitable are already taken with more or less permenant moored boats. We