Back to the home mooring this morning. Weather a bit cold but not too bad. The autumn colours are lovely but had to clear leaves round the prop several times 🙁

Not moved

We havent moved today. The morning was spent doing some of the paint touch up and cleaning out the engine bay and bilge sump. In the afternoon we walked along the west bank of the Severn up to the modern road bridge just before Bewdley and then back down the Severn Way along the east

Stourport Basin

The weather looked bright, but cold so we set off at about 8:00. The autumn leaves looked really good in the sunlight, but we had to frequently clear the prop with a blast of reverse. In Kidderminster we stopped outside Sainsbury’s to do the shopping for the week’s food. Also a trip to The Range

Debdale Lock

Just here for a few days to prepare the boat for the winter. We have arranged to see Andrew & Sheila in Stourport tomorrow, so we set off partway today. C&RT are supposed to be resurfacing the track from The Vine to our mooring car park this week, so we had to leave the car