Along the Manchester Ship Canal

Andrew had arranged a trip for us on a Mersey ferry along the MSC. The trip started in Manchester so we took a taxi there at 8:00 as we had to be ready to board at 9:30. The trip lasted all day and it was very interesting to see the MSC from that perspective.

Visiting NT properties

We dont need to set off on the Liverpool trip until Sunday, so today we went visiting two National Trust properties nearby. First it was off to Biddulph Grange gardens. These were laid out in the 19th century and were very influential in garden design at the time. Next went went off to see Old

New Holding Tank

Narrowboat toilets fall into two main types – pumpout and cassette. With a pumpout type the output from the toilet goes into a large tank onboard,¬† known as a holding tank. It’s stored there until you visit services at e.g. a marina where it’s connected to a pumpout machine which transfers the contents of the

The Canal Museum and a bike ride

Yesterday started with a bus ride  (No. 205 ) to Kings Cross to visit tne London Canal Museum ( A very pleasant morning was spent there. We walked back via Camden Market, where we had a good browse around and lunch. Then a walk back to Rembrandt Gardens. Today we took the bikes and cycled

Kew Gardens

We went to Kew Gardens today, not by boat but by a combination of tube and bus. Andrew was in charge of travel arrangements. Getting there was simple enough – District line, change at Earl’s Court. Except that whilst we were on tne train they changed it’s destination. So we actually changed at Turnham Green.


We have left the boat at the boatyard and caught two buses back to Williamscot, then walked the two miles back to Cropredy Marina to pick up the car. We have to do it all again in reverse when we pick the boat back up again!  

Colour Choices

The boat is booked in for a repaint in March, so we have had to really think hard about the colours. We have finally narrowed down the colour choice for the repaint to the two below. We would really welcome your input into the decision making process! Blue on Green Green on Blue Click the

The Wedding

For the last two days we have been at the wedding of Lou and Jaz. This was a Sikh ceremony on Friday in Hounslow followed by a Humanist ceremony in Bicester on Saturday. Friday Saturday – featuring the cake made by daughter Nikki.

Voting : The Results

We have been through all the votes and analysed the results. For the first vote ‘Green and Blue’ was a clear favourite. This is probably our favourite too. For the second vote on the contrasting coloured name panel it was less clear cut. The boats we saw like this did look very smart, maybe my