Visiting NT properties

We dont need to set off on the Liverpool trip until Sunday, so today we went visiting two National Trust properties nearby.

First it was off to Biddulph Grange gardens. These were laid out in the 19th century and were very influential in garden design at the time.

Stunning Rhododendrons
We were too early in the year for the herbaceous
Just a glimps of thia lovely garden

Next went went off to see Old Moreton Hall. This can be reached via a footpath from the Macclesfield canal.

Most of it was built during the 16th century, then the family fell on hard times ( they backed the ‘wrong’ side in tne civil war ) and couldn’t afford to modernise it. So luckily for us it’a almost original.

I remember Fred Dibnah doing a TV programme from here about use of timber in architecture.

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