Acton Trussel

A misty start, and rather chilly at first, but it soon warmed up and we had a great day. Busy with boats, meeting somebody at most locks. Whilst queueing at Gailey lock we bought a new tiller pin from the boat following us.


We are on our way up to York! This a big adventure for us, we have mostly stuck to the Midlands narrow canals in the past. We need to arrive in York before 15th Sept. as we are attending a friend’s wedding. We think the journey will take about 12 days, so we set off


We have spent the last two days doing various assorted maintenance jobs. Saturday was painting day. We touched up the side below the gunnels where there were  chips caused by workmen with strimmers flicking up stones. The front well deck also got a new coat of paint and also the locker at the back where