We have spent the last two days doing various assorted maintenance jobs.

Saturday was painting day. We touched up the side below the gunnels where there were  chips caused by workmen with strimmers flicking up stones. The front well deck also got a new coat of paint and also the locker at the back where we keep the windlasses etc.

I took everything off of the roof and gave it a good scrub to remove the algae and lichen. I usually use Jeyes Fluid, but this time I used a dilute bleach solution as the Jeyes wasn’t shifting the algae. Heddi rubbed down and re-varnished the wood edging to the work surface in the kitchen, and we did some other general tidying jobs.

Yesterday was engine ‘ole day. I changed all the filters and did an oil change. I also checked the alternator belts and the throttle & gear cables and tightened up the stern gland.

All this is in preparation for our forthcoming trip to York. That will entail going on the tidal river Trent, so I wanted to make sure that all was OK with the engine.

This morning we tidied up and left for home.

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