Droitwich marina

The weather forecast is for rain so an early start was called for. By 7:30 both boats were in the first of the two wide locks taking us up to the canal. All went well for an hour or so, the locks were all in our favour, though of course the second boat had to


The lock keeper on Avon lock doesn’t come on duty until 8:00 in the morning. We were ready to go by 7:30, so first Bath Tub then Just Heaven were moved over to the water point by the lock to top up the tanks. The lockie saw us there and was prompt in opening up,


A slightly later start today, but we were still away by just after eight o’clock. Another fine, warm day but with a strongish wind blowing which was whipping up small waves on the river. We arrived in Tewkesbury in time for lunch then had a stroll round the town. The evening was spent pleasantly sat


We are back by the recreation ground, at almost the same spot as on tne way up. So far on the Avon we have been very lucky with locks. It is the custom here to leave exit gates open and we have been able to go straight in for most, only having to turn three

Pilgrims Lock

A leisurely morning, we walked to Sainsbury’s to buy some food for tomorrow before setti g off on the return journey. We are now moored at Pilgrim lock. There is a CL here with just a campervan and a caravan. To stretch our legs we went on a very pleasant walk through ‘ Dorothy’s Wood’.

Stratford upon Avon

Off at 7:30 for the last leg of our outward journey. Only six locks to do today, the first three were in our favour. The next was against us and very deep. Simon dropped his rope as he climbed the ladder and I knocked the boat hook into tne water as I was walking on

Bidford on Avon

In order to give us a better chance of finding a mooring at Bidford we set off early. Unfortunately we were a bit delayed at Evesham lock as we had to wait for a large floating digger to exit the lock. On arrival at Bidford there was only one space, so Bath Tub moored up


The Avon is a lovely river. We haven’t been this way for a few years and it’s good to make our acquaintance again. The locks are all a bit quirky as the were rebuilt by volunteers in the seventies and they used whatever materials they could get hold of! On arriving at tne Recreation ground


Eight o’clock and we were setting off down the river. It had rained heavily overnight and we were still getting odd showers. The trip down the Severn from Worcester to Tewkesbury isn’t particularly interesting! There is not much to see because of tne high flood banks. On arrival at Avon lock we had a bit


Drove up to arrive at the marina just after 10 o’clock. As we were unloading Simon brought The Bath Tub down to tie up temporarily nearby. Then, after topping up the water we set off. A short stop in Droitwich for shopping followed by a pleasant run down to the Severn and on to moor