The lock keeper on Avon lock doesn’t come on duty until 8:00 in the morning. We were ready to go by 7:30, so first Bath Tub then Just Heaven were moved over to the water point by the lock to top up the tanks.

The lockie saw us there and was prompt in opening up, so it was about 8:15 when we headed down the last few yards of the Avon and onto the Severn. On turning upstream we almost stopped still as we hit the oncoming flow. But with a few more engine revs we got going and were soon making about 5mph.

The trip up river isn’t very interesting as there isn’t much to see. We made good time and moored up on the floating pontoons just after Diglis Lock in time for a late lunch.

The plan was to sit out on the pontoons relaxing, but the weather put a stop to that with first some drizzle, then some heavier rain. Heddi & Karen went for a wander round the shops whilst Simon and I did a few jobs on the boats.

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