Colour Choices

The boat is booked in for a repaint in March, so we have had to really think hard about the colours. We have finally narrowed down the colour choice for the repaint to the two below. We would really welcome your input into the decision making process! Blue on Green Green on Blue Click the


Just a short chug down to Banbury, going back tomorrow. The floods seem to have gone down a bit, though there is still a lot of water rushing down the by-washes. We arrived here about 3 o’clock and popped into Castle Quay for a bit of shopping. Back to Cropredy tomorrow.  

Back again

The ¬†weather was appalling as we drove to Stourport, with the spray on the M40 making for very poor visibility. Lunch was served soon after we arrived at Andrew & Shiela’s. We worked off the lunch by taking Dylan the dog for a walk as the rain had stopped. The evening was spent nattering, consuming