Top of Bratch (again)

Another bright, sunny, frosty start. Several ‘Viking Afloat’ boats came past very early while we were still in bed, presumably heading for Gailey on ‘turnround day’. We went along to Hatherton junction, winded and headed back again. Having had the fire on all day and all night for several days we were begining to run

Near Coven Heath

We awoke to another cold, frosty but clear & sunny morning. The frosts of the previous two nights had loosened the autumn leaves and they were falling from the trees like a snow storm! The bright sun on the trees brought out the autumn colours beautifully. We stopped at Limekiln Chandlers in Compton to top

Above Bratch locks

At around 6 o’clock, just before dawn, the frost stat turned the heating on! So it must have been only about 3° in our bedroom. At around seven I got up to make a cup of tea and check that fire was still in, it was, so I stoked it up, opened up the air

Near Br 25 on the S&W

Arrived at Kiddeminster around 10:30 after stopping at CountryWide on the way to buy some Taybrite. It was £12.99, a considerable increase since the last bag we bought back in April. We chugged round to Sainsbury’s to do the week’s shopping.Then just about 4 miles and 4 locks north to near Caunsall bridge. Saw a

Sunday lunch

We had to get back home to cook Sunday lunch for our daughters, sons in law & grandchildren so we left at 8:00, it was very misty but looked like it would be a nice sunny day. Back at the mooring by 8:50, packed up and off home in glorious boating wetaher 🙁

Tangled & jammed

The morning looked good, even though the weather forecast wasnt, so we decided to go for a short run up to Kinver and back. Called in at Sainsbury’s on the way, and then on in lovely warm sunshine to stop on the visitor’s mooring at Kinver for lunch. Up to wind just above Hyde lock

Just arrived

Just here for a couple of nights. There is always a traffic queue when we come here these days. It took 1hr 50m instead of the usual 1hr 15min. The battery was low so, whilst the engine was running, I cooked a meal – Heddi had a glass of of wine!