Oakwood Marina

An early start for us. Heddi and I got up and were away by 6:30, the others were still in bed. The only purpose of today’s rip was to get to Anderton to have a pumpout, then back to the marina . This was all done by twelve o’clock. A quick lunch, tidy up then

Just after Croxon Flash

12 miles and 8 locks. A day of queuing  today. It started off OK, but then started to get much busier. We were in a queue of 4 at Cholmondeston Lock. On exiting the lock we could see the queue for going up was much longer, we counted 12 boats. As we approached Minshull Lock

Hurleston Junction

A much better day today, the wind has dropped and the sun come out. We needed to go shopping as Nikki had left tonight’s meal in her freezer at home. A quick check with Nicholsons revealed that the only place likely to have a supermarket was Nantwich so we headed that way. There were more

Clive Green Bridge

Because of the ongoing Covid situation we haven’t been boating much at all this year. We were due to go camping in Wales with Nikki and family this week, but the forecast was for high winds and rain. So we have come boating instead. We arrived yesterday afternoon and did a few jobs. The Downs