Hurleston Junction

A much better day today, the wind has dropped and the sun come out.

We needed to go shopping as Nikki had left tonight’s meal in her freezer at home. A quick check with Nicholsons revealed that the only place likely to have a supermarket was Nantwich so we headed that way.

There were more boats about today than yesterday, but still not as busy as I expected. It’s still the school holidays and we have been hearing reports that all the hire companies are busy because people are unable to go on holidays abroad.

We moored up just before the Nantwich aqueduct , had some lunch then walked into town. It was very busy and we were a bit concerned that the locals weren’t observing the social distancing rules.

Back to the boat and down toMarsh Lane winding hole to turn.

On the way back we stopped off at a cafe boat for ice creams, then on to moor at the bottom of the LLangollen by Hurleston junction for the night.

It was still only mid afternoon so we decided to go for a walk around the reservoir. It was very windy up there. By now it was much busier with boats and there was a queue of four or five to go up the locks.

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