It rained quite a bit in the night and the morning started off very cloudy. We were in no real hurry to get back but thought that the weather might get worse so set off around 9:00. Quite a pleasant trip, though a bit cold, until we got  to just short of Kidderminster then it


This morning, whilst we were still in bed, there was a terrific thunderstorm – really loud, and heavy rain. It eventually passed and we got up and had to make a desicion about staying put or moving. A guy on the boat moored next to us said that he had heard a weather forecast predicting

Bottom of Bratch

Away just before 8am. It started off really sunny but the clouds thickened and we even had a few spots of rain. We needed a pumpout so stopped at Lime Kiln at Compton (after passing Granny Buttons at Autherley – no sign of Andrew). I also wanted to top upthe deisel but they had run


Lovely day again today, cool going along but wonderfully warm in the sunshine. Before we left Tixall at 11:30 I drilled out and re-tapped the screw holes for the pumpout fitting. It had been leaking (rainwater in, not ‘contents’ out!) and needed resealing but the brass fixing screws sheared off when I tried to remove

Tixall Wide

Not a bad day again today, none of the rain that was forecast. The sun has been almost shining and although the canal was very busy with some waiting at locks we got to Tixall Wide by 2:00. We passed Granny Buttons at br 98, I twittered Andrew, but no reply. Lots of boats at

Below Brick Kiln Lock

Up and away by 7:20. Passed ‘Uncle Mort’ about 1/4 mile ahead of us – no sign of life. Does anyone know why the bridge at the tail of Awbridge lock is like this? It’s unique on the canal. Lovely day today, sun all day. Sat out in the evening sunshine with a glass of

Rocky Lock

Busy day meeting people. Sister in law Val & brother in law are caravanning in Bewdley and so came up to meet us at Kinver. Into the Vine for a pint where we were joined by Andrew (aka Capt Beeky) & Shiela off of’ Uncle Mort. Uncle Mort is going to Stafford Boat Club for


Almost a month since the last entry. I have had another birthday, but the only present I’ve brought with me is a crock-pot. We’ll use that tomorrow. No water in the bow when we arrived so I’ve Hammerited all the metal surfaces up under the foredeck and re-assembled the word work. Lots of moving boats